Friday, December 18, 2009

Office Party!!!!'s work!!  But when you "work" with people like those that I work with, it does make it so much easier.....and the group I work with was full of holiday spirit today!  We had a luncheon get together today and you could feel the electricity in the air in the elevator!  Not only was there grub, but there was a Tacky Christmas Outfit contest!  No wonder these people are so good at figuring out how to get the job done.....their creativity level is beyond none!  Check out some of these outfits!

So, after the "parade" it was time for lunch....the food was delicious and it sounded like the conversation was fun. Unfortunately, I was working on a new loan for someone, so I had to eat at my desk. But I popped my head out every now and then just to take in the smiles and the laughter.  Yep...this is definitely a group that is full of holiday spirit!

All I can say is that I am very lucky to be able to work with the people I work with.....not only are they full of the holiday spirit, but they are full of the spirit of life and in helping each other be the best we can be. I just love their spirit!

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