Friday, December 11, 2009

Heaven Froze Over

We're here! I know it's only been two weeks since we were up here at the cabin, but this was a weekend we were all looking forward to. Remember when we joined the "Kennel Club" up at Chateau Morrisette? Well, if you spent $150 on wine within the year, you got invited to the exclusive Christmas party! And we did....and now we're here! Tomorrow is the "bash"!

Shugs knew immediately that we were going somewhere when she saw us hustling around this morning to get packed....then we took her bed out to the car and that was it! She sat in the car until Melinda got to our house.
She was soooo excited! The trip up was uneventful.....but we did see some snow!!! And we weren't the only ones heading to the mountains!This picture was taken at 74 MPH!!!! Once we got here, the temp INSIDE the cabin was 17 degrees........we turned on the baseboard heaters (which do little to raise the temp) and stoked the woodstove to try to get the cabin warm. We even turned the double ovens up to 400 degrees and used wood trays to try to fan the heat into the rest of the cabin.Then I made my Clam Chowder for dinner, but when we went to sit down on the chairs they were soo cold that Melinda took the cast iron IRONS off of the wood stove and literally ironed the chairpads so our bums would be warm! she comes!

Slowly but surely the cabin warmed up....and so did our bums!!!! Melinda decorated the cabin for Christmas,
while Dennis watched old war and horror movies........and I surfed the net to make sure we wouldn't miss the December meteor showers.

The cabin is warm now.......and we're all much more relaxed (it helps not having layers of clothes on) and waiting for 2 AM for the beginning of the peak of the meteor showers. More to come! STAY TUNED!!! More tomorrow....unless we drink too much wine!

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