Monday, November 30, 2009

On Frozen Pond.....

Melinda and I had a great weekend up at the cabin this weekend. It was a "girls" weekend and we were going to work on a secret OSL Christmas project (details to be revealed after Christmas). The "girls" included me, Melinda, Shugs and Chloe! The dogs love to go to the cabin and do quite well on the 4.5 to 5 hour trip up. Chloe (nicknamed "Knee Wart"), of course, sits in Melinda's lap and Shugs lays in her bed in the back....both snooze.

We had a little bit of a problem getting the water turned on, but had an even bigger problem getting the cabin warm! The winds were whipping outside at 20 mph and the wind chill was 21 degrees. Melinda got the woodstove going quickly, but with all of the rain they'd had up in the mountains, the cabin was cold and didn't warm up until around 2 AM, when we finally fell asleep snuggled in robes that had been warmed by the heater.

The next morning, we awoke to this....
....yep, that's a frozen pond. At least it was the only thing that was frozen! Remember this trip?The "big freeze" weekend last year was actually the same weekend this year!

The dogs just love going to the cabin.....once we pull onto the dirt road up to the cabin, both of their heads are up and the noses are going full speed. The scents of the mountain are familiar ones now and neither of them can wait to take their noses out of the air and put them to the ground!

Shugs has also gotten used to her "morning walks". Dennis takes her up and down the mountain every morning and she loves it. Well, Saturday morning she gave me a little time to drink my coffee, but after that she was ready to go for her walk and she wouldn't stop nudging my leg until I put the second cup down and took her. She waited patiently while I put shoes on and put a coat over my PJs.....and then she was off!

It's a wonder she doesn't run into a tree because he head is down the entire time. She stops here and there to sniff a little deeper and sometimes gets a little ahead of me,

but always stops and turns to make sure I'm still there.
It is such a cute sight.....this little white, fluffy dog that looks like she should be sitting on a fluffy pillow with tassels just struts up and down the mountain looking for animal adventures.

Once, when Dennis was walking her, they went up a pretty steep mountain that had been recently cleared. Shugs got about 15 yards ahead of Dennis and she was obviously on the trail of something. All of a sudden a deer came up out of the brush and Shugs went up on her hind legs and toppled down the hill backwards. I think she aged a couple of years after that!

She spends most of her days sitting on our front porch waiting for a squirrel or bunny to show itself, then she moves very slowly toward it......she has no idea that she is white...and they can clearly see her, although every now and then she does get close. But the animals up at the cabin aren't little bunnies or squirrels. There aren't any lions or tigers, but the newest sign down the road from the cabin is this:

There is a black cat that hangs out on the mountain and Shugs had her cornered once.....that was fun! Melinda has seen a fox and God only knows what else is out there! In the meantime, Shugs spends most of her cabin weekends sitting on the porch.....waiting....

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