Monday, November 23, 2009

Day Trippin'................

If you haven't had a chance to get up to Williamsburg in a while, then you may have been missing out on a great treat! I had been wanting to go to the Williamsburg Farmer's Market since I'd read about it on a cooking blog that I can no longer find and since I thought it was the last weekend (only open on Saturdays), I rushed to get out of the house and get there before it closed at 12:30 (yep, I'm a late riser...). It was a beautiful drive up, although alot of the color is gone. I quickly found a parking spot and sprinted over to Merchants Square with only an hour to spare!

It really was a wonderful time.....the vendors are all so different and all so friendly! There were plenty of baked goods,

meats, apples,
homemade soups and sandwiches,beautiful crafts,
fresh pastas

and sauces, cheeses,
homemade soaps,

herbs and vegetables.

It wasn't quite as large as my favorite market at Dupont Circle in Washington, DC, but that could be because it's late in the season. I'll let you know once I become a regular here...

I also took a little time to drive around to soak in the "Williamsburg" culture....I just love that place!

Even when I was young (a looong time ago!) I always felt a connection to Williamsburg. It's so beautiful, but I most love it in the fall and in the winter.
And right now it's decorated for Christmas, which I especially love!!!

If you haven't checked out the Williamsburg Farmers Market, there is still a chance!!! Their website says they're open on November 28th and December 12th, but one of the vendors said they'd be open on December 5th, also. I'd call ahead to make sure about the December dates before going.....maybe I'll see you there!!I can't wait to go back next spring and summer.....I can only dream of the wonderful veggies, herbs, etc., that will make their way back to my kitchen!!! ~~~~dreaming now~~~~

Oh wait....I forgot to show you what I got!

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