Wednesday, March 4, 2009

What a show!

I feel like I've been chained to my Dell for quite some time now, so this past weekend I really wanted to get out and do something.....even a drive around the block sounded good! Of course, I wasn't too sure if I could remember how to drive!
So, when Melinda called on Saturday night to tell me about the Quilt Show she'd gone to that day in Hampton and to invite me to go on Sunday, I thought that sounded like a great idea. Now I'm not a "quilter", but Mom was and I knew it took a great deal of work and patience....I lack in the latter.

Well, I wasn't disappointed and was, in fact, quite amazed at the detail. Dennis decided to go along for the ride just to get out of the house....then Brad decided to go and the two of them would go to Bass Pro Shops across the street while Melin and I checked out the quilts.

Here are some of the quilts we saw (forgive the BAD photography...still working on that and not making much progress):

I can't believe the details in these pieces of art! And I can't imagine the time and creativity it took to produce something sooo beautiful.

The colors were just amazing and the details mind boggling......I almost felt dizzy just looking at some of them.

The quilt below is made of pieces of fabric that have been hand's so much more beautiful than it appears here!

I fell in love with the pattern's called "French Braid"...I figure that all of my years of french braiding Shelby's hair when she was little should come in handy if I ever decided to make a

I have to admit that I have never even though of adding "go to a quilt show" to my bucket list, but I am so glad that I went. Thanks, Melin, for thinking of me for this adventure....I just loved it!

After the show, the guys picked us up and we went to Chili's for lunch and el Presidente margaritas! It was delicious!

And a good time was had by ALL! What a great day to spend when it's pouring down raining outside....get out in it!


Adam and Jessica said...

WOW!! Those quits are AMAZING!! I want to come along next year please:) Now I really want to give quilting a go.

Cola said...

Jess, it was awesome! I was pleasantly surprised! I really don't think I'd be a good quilter...too impatient to sit still for that long. It would take me years to make one!!