Tuesday, March 24, 2009

I'm "Back to School"!

Well, not really.......I found a website where I can take French lessons. It's called FrenchAssistant.com and it looks like this will be fun! However, I haven't yet figured out why they think I need to learn how to say things like, "Le pingouin visite l'Antarctique" (The penguin visits the Antartic) or "Les extraterrestres font une autopsie" (The extra-terrestrials do an autopsy). What I really had in mind were things like, "Which way to the subway?", "Where's the bathroom?","Where's the closest bar?".

Oh dear....is it possible that those things are harder to say than "the penguin visits the Antartic" or "the extra-terrestrials do an autopsy"? Hmmm.....this might just be harder than I thought! I'll keep you posted!

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