Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Be Careful What You Ask For!!

Soooo....while Dennis and his buddies were out fishing "Rock Around the Clock" (the Thanksgiving Rockfish Tournament), Melinda and I decided to head up to the cabin for a "Girl's Weekend"!!! The first night was great.....Jessica and Adam and his Mom and Dad were going to the UVA/VA Tech game the next day, so they came by the cabin right after we got there to spend the evening with us!
We had a rough start to the weekend because a ball valve joint (did I get that right?) had busted and we had no water, but with Melinda's great friends and contacts, it wasn't long that we had running water and started dinner, Cabin Chicken Chili!!! It was a fun evening since I hadn't seen any of them since Graves Mountain!
The next day they left bright and early to do a breakfast tailgate and Melinda and I took our time getting out of PJs before we headed to Floyd to check out some shops that looked kinda cute....we took Shugs with us (Chloe had to stay home cuz she was sick :o( ) and had a great time! The shops were fun!
We went back to the cabin and had more of the chili (can never get enough), then had the neighbors over for a little too much wine.....well, maybe not too much! Then we had ourselves a nice little non-Thanksgiving dinner (filet mignon, asparagus and a nice blue cheese salad!). We got back into our flannels and settled down to watch a little of Oprah's Anniversary collection, but I was OUT before the count of 10!
When we woke up the next morning and pulled back the curtains, this is what we saw!!!!!

Look, all I asked for was a few snow flurries....I just happen to think it's prettier in the mountains! What you're looking at in that picture is ice.....and lots of it! It covered everything!!!! We needed skates to even get to the car! No injuries, but Melin did have one little fall!

So, if that wasn't enough.....not more than an hour later we looked out the window and THIS was what we saw::::

That's right.....fog so thick you almost couldn't see your hand in front of your face! AND to make matters worse, we had the sudden realization that we wouldn't be making a trip back home that day! :o)

Melinda very carefully lowered herself off of the porch and we started an assembly line to get more wood from beneath the porch....we were stuck....oh dang!! We made a pot of French Onion soup and made the best of it....lots of great music, more wine....a couple of gimlets....and we worked on a very secret project we have going on. It actually wasn't so bad!! :o)

On Monday morning we woke up and the temps had dropped a little....you could hear ice cracking and falling up and down the mountain, which drove Shugs nuts! She was sure there were tons of deer up that mountain just waiting for her to come out and play! It wasn't long though that the snow started......and it was coming down pretty good! I finally got my wish......even though I got a little more than I bargained for, it was beautiful!!! What a fabulous weekend............thanks, Melinda!!! I love you!

Here are a few more pics:

And a good time was had by all................................


Adam and Jessica said...

Wow! The scenery changed quite a bit after our departure! Well Robin asked me if you guys got snowed in like you were secretly hoping...and I guess indeed you did! Looks like lots of fun!

Cola said...


Haley said...

Man, I'm gald you guys didn't get stuck up there for a too long..no food, no wine..AHH!

Cola said...

No food or wine???? Are you talking about me and Melin??? We had enough wine to keep the OSLers buzzed for at least a weekend...and we never go anywhere without food and plenty of it...if you're gonna be stuck somewhere, ya wanna be with us! :o)