Monday, December 29, 2008

Now You See Her.....and Now I Don't!

My lack of holiday blogging was solely due to having Shelby home for the holidays! I just can't tell you how wonderful it was....and how fast the time went by. Now she's back at home, but not after alot of airline craziness!

Her flight from Norfolk to Atlanta was delayed to the point that she missed her connecting flight. They switched her to a different airline, but it would only take her as far as Dallas! I know it must have been so hard for her to be that close to home and not be able to get there. But she's home now and I know that, although she misses this home, she's happy to be back with Justin.

I'm just thankful that we had the time with her that we did. The first night she was home it almost seemed like a dream. I sometimes felt as though I was staring...she has the most beautiful smile.....and my jaw hurt that night from my own smiling!

I found it funny that some of the things I used to fuss about now seem so wonderful! Such as..........all of her life she has loved being in the kitchen with me...and usually she perches herself on the kitchen counter. If I had a nickel for every time I told her to "get down", I'd be pretty well off! So after she got home and dropped her bags on the floor in the foyer, she perched herself on the kitchen counter to was a welcome sight, I'll tell you! My girl was home!

Shelby....thank you for the best Christmas ever. I love you and miss you! Mom XOXOXO

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