Thursday, January 7, 2010

Home Away from Home~~

So, we're back from our trip to Paris......I can't tell you how disappointed I was that the internet connection was so weak that I was unable to "blog" at all!  My goal was to post in the evenings about our daily much for planning, huh?

I've been anticipating these posts for quite sometime, so without further ado, I'd like to introduce you to our "home away from home"!!!

This is the entrance to 7 Rue Notre Dame de Lorette, in the 9th arrondisement of Paris.....not a very touristy area, which I just loved!  Soooo....come on in!

Now you know that my heart just skipped a bit when we opened the door to this:

It's just sooo Parisian!  Then you take a few more steps, look to the left and THIS is what you see:

We spent quite a bit of time "chatting" in this area!  And those 4 windows to the right???  They were OUR windows!  And when you look up, this is what you saw:

Those are our neighbors up there!  Well, actually all but one were gone for the's a Parisian thing.   Then you walk through the door to our building's lobby (hmmm.....very small lobby), you see this:

I told you it was small.....but then you look up and this is what you see!

Isn't that beautiful!  We were fortunate enough that our apartment was on the first floor, so we didn't have to climb them, but they sure were lovely to look at! 

Still, it was hard not to look back at the courtyard....I would so love to see it in the spring, wouldn't you?!
Now for one of my favorite rooms......yep, the kitchen!

Although the wine opener was a little weak, the glasses were small and the coffee cups even smaller, this kitchen had everything we needed to be comfortable. 
Then there was the beautiful dining room and living room:

....and the bedrooms.....

.....and the bathroom(s).....

I guess you could say there is no such thing as a "full bath" in Paris.   The bathtub is is one room and the "toilette" (pronounced twahlette) is in a separate room called a water closet.  I actually like it this way!

We were all very comfortable here in this lovely apartment.  It was so nice to come "home" after a long day of walking the streets (and climbing the stairs) of Paris to a "home" and not a hotel room.  We even had a washer and dryer, so we didn't have to bring as many clothes as we would have otherwise.

So, if you're planning a trip to Paris and want a great place to "live" while you're there, my advice is to contact  They were great to work with, very accomodating and very patient with us.  They even arranged our taxis to and from the airport!  Thank you very much!  I hope to see you again soon!

Note:  Pictures of the dining room, living room and bathroom are from the website.  Mind didn't come out so well.

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Betty C. said...

Thank you for commenting on my blog. It looks like you had lovely accomodations in Paris. We have twice rented for a week up there and I agree, it really is the way to go.