Thursday, January 28, 2010

UPDATE to Paris Day Two - Part Two

Somehow I forgot to add a significant "happening" that occurred on the morning of Day Two.  When we left the apartment that morning, Dennis had his new international cell phone on his hip.....later that morning, he realized it wasn't on his hip!!!  Uh oh!

By then we were already out and about, so he spent the rest of the day's travels wondering if he had actually lost it, or he had put it down after our morning adventure through the neighborhood.

That evening when we got back to the apartment, it wasn't there.  We emailed Jessica, Melinda's daughter, back in the US and asked her to call Dennis' cell phone.  Since we couldn't make calls outside of Paris from the apartment phone, this was our only hope.  Also, Jessica speaks fluent French, so she was our best and only hope!

We received an email not long after that saying that someone did, in fact, answer the phone and he gave her his phone number.  We called him and he said he was at the same address as us!  Turns out it was the owner of the hair salon in front of our building! 

Dennis and Melinda went to pick up the phone and gave him a nice little reward.....nice guy!!!  Anyway, I just had to add that, because it didn't stop there.....more to come on Day Three's post!

By the way, thanks again, Jess!!!

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Adam and Jessica said... prob. It was fun to help out from across the big lake! Can't wait to hear what happened next.