Saturday, April 4, 2009

New Kid on the Block!!!

Shugs's favorite place in the world to visit is the home of our neighbor two doors down, her Aunt Carol!!! From the day we got her 4 1/2 years ago, we always knew where she was if she wasn't sitting on the front porch....she was on the top of Uncle Bruce's picnic table in the backyard rubbing her head on his shoulder while he scratched her back.

Well, a year ago Uncle Bruce died from heart problems......while he was in the hospital, Uncle Bruce's and Aunt Carol's Westie, Kelly, spent quite a bit of time with us....we'd go down to visit with her all day every hour or so (she wouldn't leave her house). A few months after Bruce's death, we found out Kelly had cancer and didn't have but a few months to live. We actually noticed that Shugs's became a bit more gentle with Kelly as time progressed....and she sat sadly when we laid her to rest.

Since that time, we just assumed Shugs was getting older....well, mature and less puppy. BUT now Aunt Carol has a new baby!!!! She brought home a 2.5 pound Black Yorkie Poo that we eventually named Pepper (after about 20 other names!). The first day Shugs was curious....for about 10 seconds! Then she decided that she was just not happy about this new little "thing"! She kept going down to visit Aunt Carol, but as soon as she saw that little black blizzard, she'd turn around and head home. She was just not happy.

THEN we found out that Carol needed bypass surgery. We knew Carol was worried about Pepper and we stepped in and told her we would take care of everything.....soooo, Pepper came to live with us for a week!!!

Needless to say, Shugs was just NOT happy....for about 6 hours! She spent that time in the recliner and Pepper spent that time jumping up and down like a jumping bean trying to figure out how to get up and play with her new friend.

THEN, Shugs HAD to go......we took them both out in the yard and poor Shugs couldn't even go potty....that puppy was ALL over her. Little by little Shugs found the puppy in herself and now they are so close that they can barely stand to be apart! And now Shugs will play with her old toys, which she has rarely ever played with!

After Carol came home from the hospital and had recuperated enough to take Pepper home full time, Shugs was so depressed. We could see that she had taken over the "Mommy" role in Pepper's life, stopping her when she tried to go into the street and rounding her up when we couldn't get her to come to us. She would even let her drink from her water bowl and eat from her food bowl (unless there was some chicken in it...then BEWARE!)

She eventually got over the loss of her new "baby" and realized that she was just down the street, but now Pepper sits at her back door waiting for her Mommy to let her out so she can run down to visit Shugs and Shugs sits in Pepper's driveway waiting for her to come out.

We've come to realize that Shugs had been depressed over the loss of two of the most important people in her life.....Uncle Bruce and Kelly. She is now playing with her toys again.....and she acutally looks like she's smiling.

Thank you, Carol, for bringing Pepper into Shugs life and into our lives! And don't worry, eventually she will be potty trained.....then we'll call Stanley Steemer! ***We have other GREAT pictures, but it's a new camera and I haven't downloaded them yet.....keep an eye out for the CUTEST pictures you've ever seen....this puppy is ADORABLE!!!

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