Sunday, January 18, 2009

Wet Without Water and Cold!!!

It's been a wet and cold weekend.....and there's more to come!! On Thursday night Dennis decided to turn off the water to the outside faucets so they wouldn't freeze....he turned the knob, then could turn it 100 times each way and it wouldn't stop. The next thing we realize is that we have NO water in the house! It only took us until Saturday afternoon to realize what had happened. In the meantime, we had a huge contractor's heater set up under the house to keep it warm (my ceramic tile doesn't get that warm in the summer!) and gallon jugs of water to cook with, make coffee, wash dishes and brush our teeth.....we showered at the neighbor's house. I think I sometimes take for granted how nice it is to turn the faucet on and have something actually come out!

It's warmer today, but this is what the creek looked like late yesterday....

This is a picture of the creek on a "not so cold" night!

They're calling for the possibility of snow on Tuesday, but you know how I feel about "they"......all promises and no snow! I just love it when it snows....if it is gonna be this cold, at least make it beautiful! But what I like most is walking through the woods when it is's so quiet and peaceful!!! I'm keeping my fingers crossed!!!

Next post will be to Aprons Required! I've been cooking today!

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