Saturday, November 8, 2008

It's Beginning to Look Alot Like.........

FALL!!! This is my favorite time of the year....Shelby's, too! I love using natural elements in my home so that if I'm stuck indoors, I can still enjoy the outside inside. All throughout the spring my house is filled with the flowers I have planted around my home....the forsythia is the first to bloom and is one of my favorite displays! I also love my tulips, lilies and hydrangeas (gave up on roses a couple of years ago....couldn't fight the diseases and bugs!). Once summer gets really hot the flowers tend to dwindle, but I bring in leaves from my ferns, hosta and elephant ears and just put them in clear glass containers....they look awesome!

But then there's fall......I'm not real big into decorating the whole house for any other holiday than Christmas, but I do like a few touches. Here are a few things I've put around the house to remind me that it's autumn:

I cannot resist the little pumpkins in the grocery stores.....I thought this was a cute way to display them around the house. Simple, but cute!

When we went to Graves Mountain a few weeks ago, we went up on the Skyline Drive and found these huge acorns. I gathered as many as I could (some for Shelby and some for me!) and brought them home. Melinda advised that I put them in the microwave for a minute, just to make sure there weren't any little varmints inside, and them I rubbed them with Old English Oil (the dark colored one). They look awesome! Then I put them in a container with a candle in the middle....this sits in the middle of our table.

While we were up at Baby Graves last weekend, I scoured the mountainside for bittersweet.....I just love it in the foyer...the colors are so autumnal. I did find it, but unfortunately I left it outside and it rained overnight and ruined it! But fortunately, while I was looking for the bittersweet, I found these......I think they look great in these metal vases I have! I have them in the foyer and in the sunroom!

Of course, I can hardly wait to get back up in the mountains.....I found some great pines and firs to make Christmas wreaths with. I'm not so sure that Shelby will be able to get a live Chrismas wreath in Texas, unless it's made with chili peppers, I plan to make one for her and mail it.....I'll post pics of them when they're done!

Happy Fall!!!


Adam and Jessica said...

Everything looks so beautiful! I too love the look of truly natural items on display especially in the fall! The colors and shapes are just so pretty. I love your ideas...when I get a place of my own down here, I'll have to borrow some:) Can't wait!

Cola said...

Thanks, Jess....I love that you comment!! FYI - there's an old oak at Rocky Knob that has the huge acorns!!