Wednesday, November 26, 2008

And the Marathon Begins..........Call #1

I've been instructed to carry my phone with me at ALL times! She's only called twice so far, but then again, she's only been home from work less than an hour. She's making her brine and has just set off to the grocery store for what I hope will be the only trip she has to make..........for sugar! I guess I didn't think to tell her that you just can't make an entire Thanksgiving dinner with only Splenda in the house! might be "healthier", but I can't stand the stuff....I'll do without something sweet if I have to, but I can't use the fake stuff!

I hope she remembers that she still needs a meat thermometer. I sent to her the one that belonged to her grandmother (I've been saving it for years!), but I didn't think about the fact that it has mercury in it....and she's marrying a doctor. Sooooo....she needs a new thermometer. OK....her goes MY Call #1!!! This is going to be the most interesting Thanksgiving I've ever had!

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