Tuesday, October 13, 2009

25 Years Ago........

I was three weeks past my due date and still working......I had been sending out a weekly newsletter to the Realtors I worked with called "The Stork Report".....anticipation built starting at around 38 weeks.....and then the reports kept coming. My feet were so big that I was wearing men's slippers the last two weeks (the best I could find was navy blue) and I was worn beyond belief. At the time doctors just didn't want to "induce" a first delivery unless the baby was in distress.....and she wasn't.

I had been scheduled to go to the hospital on Monday morning for a "stress test", when on Saturday afternoon, while shopping for a new TV for my maternity leave, I went into labor....or so I thought (3.5 weeks late.....duh!!!!). I was at Circuit City and my salesperson asked when I was due...."3.5 weeks ago"...and he turned white. Being Columbus Day weekend, the place was packed and he moved me to the front of the line. TV...check....pizza delivery....check.

The next morning my contractions were 2-4 minutes apart, but very irregular. We went from Sandbridge (where we lived) to Great Bridge for a visit, but the contractions didn't let up. My thoughts? "Hey, let's just go on in....maybe they'll do the stress test and I won't have to be here tomorrow morning at 7 AM!!!"

When we arrived at the hospital, for some reason, I really didn't think "this is it"....what was I thinking? This baby is 3.5 weeks late!

And then, 9 hours later I heard the shout, "it's a girl".....and I became a Mom.

Happy Birthday, Shelby!!!! I'm a very lucky Mom....I brought into this world two great kids.....and today is 25 years from the day it all began. Thank you for making me a Mom. I love you!!!!!

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