Friday, May 1, 2009

Arrival Right On Time!!!'s almost time!!! Charlotte and Caroline Mazzio are expected to arrive this afternoon!! It's so exciting!! Twin girls......identical twin girls....double babies....pure sweetnesses! This has just made my day!

So you're probably thinking she made it to 40 weeks, and that's why their arrival is "on time"! Nope....their due date is actually June 8th! They are on time only in my "book".

Dan and Lisa set up a pool for everyone to participate in.....and, if all goes as expected this afternoon, I'm within an hour or so of being correct! Check out their pool HERE!!

Correct or not, I'm just so excited for them.....Dan and Lisa have developed a solid foundation for the new members of their family and I'm just happy I can sit on the sidelines and watch them grow!

Congratulations, Dan, Lisa, Charlotte and Caroline....and welcome to your world!

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