Saturday, August 8, 2009

We're in the Kennel.....

........Kennel Club, that is! A couple of months ago, when Dennis, Melinda and I went up to the cabin, we did a progressive wine tour. It's was awesome....we visited several wineries, a brewery, a cider house and a meadery (wine made from honey). They offered tastings of their beverages and paired them with samples of food. It was so much fun!
Well, our last stop (save the best for last!) was Chateau Morrisette, which is only minutes from the cabin. In fact, we had been up there the day before for a tasting (it's a tradition....every time) and that's where we heard of the tour. While there Dennis and I joined the Kennel Club!! Since we always go there each time we visit the cabin AND we always buy wine to drink while we hang on the porch, this was a deal! For $50 we get free tastings every visit, discounts on wine by the bottle/case and they have special events throughout the year, including a fabulous Christmas party!

So, when we went up the last time, it was for one of those type events.....hors douevres, unlimited tasting and 25% off of wine by the case! I've never found Our Dog Blue for $7.50 a bottle....even back when I first discovered it years ago! Of course, we each bought a case!

Back at the cabin, we laid out a spread of wonderful cheeses and plowed through 3 bottles of wine in no time. It was a wonderful evening....we relaxed and watched movies ( and over.....Dennis kept falling asleep and we kept have to rewind when he woke up!) Here are some pics of our visit! First up, us on the porch with the wine we brought up and the wine we picked up....and lotsa cheese!

Next of the moments where Dennis and Shugs were actually awake.....that mountain air just relaxes you....good sleeping up there!

The view from Chateau Morrisette....

The view from the cabin.....The "girls" taking a nap together....this was a first! Shugs never lets any dog near her bed, not even Pepper!Yes, I am ready to go back......

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