Monday, October 27, 2008

Home Sweet Home!!!

Welcome to my new home! Somehow it always bothered me blogging about things that have absolutely nothing to do with a wedding on a blog that was about a wedding! So, I decided to have my own personal blog that had nothing to do with anything.....but me....and my life!

You'll notice that I finally have a pretty "blogskin" isn't the one I want, but it'll do until I can figure out how to get "Notepad Chaos" to work!

Anyway, stop in some time for a visit.....I love having company over! See you around!


Adam and Jessica said...

I may have figured out this blogskin thing! You should try to put it on your new blog now before you add any gadgets because it will erase the ones you have. I had to rebuild my list of blog links...but other than that I was able to upload a template. Try going to Customize, Layout and then Edit HTML. It worked when I had the template downloaded on my computer and I browsed, found it and uploaded. Let it get rid of any gadgits and then I made the changes I wanted once it was all up and running. I just wanted to freshen my page up a bit, which I'd been trying to do without luck til tonight. I was getting the same error messages. I actually started a random blog to let me experiment before I ruined my good one. Hope that only took me a few hours tonight to get it to work. not bad right?(Wink)

Cola said...

That's how I did the skin I have now...the problem is that the Notepad Chaos download is about 30 different files and I have no idea which ones you use or don't is a "read" was the directions and they made absolutely NO sense. I'll meet a "geek" one day that will know how to do it...until then, this works fine. The website I got this one from made it easy, but the other one doesn't work that easily. I did this one in 5 minutes..piece of cake..It'll work one day! Thanks for your help...see you at the cabin!

Adam and Jessica said... I tried, but you're right the files are not in the same template HTML format that the others I've seen have been in. So I have no idea how to get all those files onto blogger. I wonder if that is more of a skin for a normal website rather than a blogger blog. So we're still in need of a computer genius:( Sorry I couldn't make it work.

Corey said...

I like your URL here!